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Frequently Asked Financing Questions

Are there any application fees associated with my RV loan?
There is no charge to submit your application to us.

What about private party transactions?
Yes, we can help accommodate private party loans/transactions.

Is there any prepayment penalty if I pay my loan off early?
No, there is no prepayment penalty.

I am self employed/have unverifiable income. Can I still get a loan?
We offer loans for all types of client situations, from preferred credit to below normal standards (*). We also offer loans to self employed clients. All below normal applicants may not be eligible.

Does submitting my application hurt my credit?
No, we look at your credit once. We will not hurt your credit by submitting to multiple bureaus.

Will you be selling my personal Information?
No, not now, not ever. The information you submit to us, stays with us, reviewed only by our trained credit staff.

Is my information private/secure?
We have taken every step that technology allows to keep your information private, including using 128 bit encryption.

What type of Recreation loans can RV Lending Group Finance?
RV Lending Group can finance virtually any recreational vehicle used for pleasure purposes with finance programs starting at $15,000.

What Terms are available?
Terms are available up to 240 months, depending on the loan amount, the year of the vehicle being financed, and the credit worthiness of the applicant.

What is the lowest interest rate available for me?
Interest rates are determined by the loan amount, the year of the unit being financed and the credit worthiness of the applicant. We will be happy to quote a rate and term over the phone specific to each individuals purchase.

How long does the loan process take?
An application can be filled out at your convenience online or over the phone by one of our loan officers. A credit decision or pre-approval can be made in as little as one business day and all closing paperwork is sent by express mail services. Most loans are completed in less than five business days.
Phone: 904-299-4860